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Russian Souvenirs in Bulk: When the Quality is in Tune with the Price 

Welcome dear guests and partners!

Web-site with a true Slavic hospitality welcomes everybody who is interested in wholesale distribution of Russian matryoshka dolls and other Russian souvenirs. You will be offered only the best patterns of folk artisan craft at reasonable price. We do everything to develop the best offering because our aim is constant and mutually beneficial cooperation. 

On the Shop

The catalogue always contains only up-to-date information, only real photos of goods, only true data on the quantity, price and weight. In placing the order you may not worry on the question whether the chosen items are in stock and the overall weight is always shown in the cart together with sum. 

We develop special terms for each customer, don’t forget to log in to the site before making an order to make all discounts and bonuses come into effect, that are accessible only to you. 

On the Production and the Assortment 

We use only the best materials and tools. Linden tree with humidity of less than 10% is a highly durable material, that is why we use it to make matrioshka-dolls. All our products, both handmade and cut on German machines are hand painted. Hard work of more than 70 talented artists is a guarantee of quality, variety and attractibility of painting for customers. We make not only matryoshka dolls but also thematic accessorizes. The popularity of fridgies, keyfobs, trinkets, toothpick holders and other interesting little things such as thimbles and brooches never fades.
Except for matryoshka dolls and accessorizes of own production, we proudly offer Russian souvenirs from almost two dozens of factories, whose official representatives we are. Khokhloma, Semenovskaya matrioshka-doll, Vyatsky souvenir, Zagorskaya matrioshka-doll, Maydanovskaya matrioshka-doll – all these legendary names could be also found in our assortment, and we also sale these goods in bulk. 
Our souvenirs make customers want to buy then even if they just look through photos on website. Once you have made your first order, you will understand that this feeling pales by comparison to haw they lure alive. Russian souvenirs from AZHNA are perfect decorations for shop shelves and they never lie there for a long time. And this is great because by the time when you are ready to make the next order, new assortment will be waiting for you, new implementation of creative though, even better, more interesting and more attractive.