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We ship orders worldwide using courier and postal delivery services. Delivery to Russia and CIS countries is carried out from our warehouse located in Russia at the address: Moscow, Izmailovsky proezd, 18, building 2. Delivery to other countries is carried out from our wholesale warehouse in Europe, located at the address: Czech Republic, Prague, Masna str., 19.

Shipping cost

The cost of delivery is calculated by the website when you place an order. The final price depends on your address (distance from our warehouses) and the size of the order. You can check the cost of delivery anytime by adding the required amount of goods to the cart - the site will automatically perform the calculation.

Thanks to contracts with transport companies, special discounts are provided for our shipments, which helps to reduce the cost of delivery for you. The more boxes in your package, the cheaper it will cost to send each of them. So if you are planning several small orders, it is more profitable to make them at the same time to save on shipping.

Shipping methods

Across Russia and the CIS (from Moscow):

  • Boxberry
  • SDEC
  • Russian post
  • Pickup. You can pick up your order personally from our warehouse in Moscow, located at Izmailovsky Proezd, 18, building 2. We work from Monday to Friday, the time can be agreed with the manager. We look forward to your visit!

To other countries (from Prague):

  • GLS
  • FedEx (TNT)
  • UPS
  • GEIS
  • EMS. Sometimes it is more profitable for small parcels, but often the cost is not much different from courier services. It takes much longer. EMS may be the only option if there are no offices of other transport companies in your region (Iran and other countries).
  • Pickup. You can pick up your order personally from our warehouse in Prague, located at Masna 19. We work from Monday to Friday, the time can be agreed with the manager. We look forward to your visit!

Customs fees

When shipping across Russia and the CIS, customs clearance is not needed.

All goods shipped from Prague are fully cleared for EU countries. No additional documents or customs payments will be required for delivery across the EU.

If you are located outside the EU, we will pay all the costs of customs clearance of the goods from the sending country. Whether there will be any additional payments at customs in your country depends on its laws, so it is better to clarify this issue with a customs representative in your region. If you have restrictions on the weight or cost of the parcel, we will help you choose them so as to meet these limits.

For parcels that will pass through customs, we attach an invoice with more detailed information that answers all the basic questions: customs code, material, destination, country of origin. Most often, this is enough to pass through customs without delay. In exceptional cases, additional requests may be received - we always stay in touch and will help you with the answers to them.

Delivery time

We ship orders within 1-2 business days after the payment is received. On the day of shipping, you will receive an email from us with the final documentation and a tracking code for tracking the parcel on the shipping service website.

When using courier services, delivery across Russia and the CIS takes from a few days to two weeks. Delivery in the EU — on average, 3-5 working days, in other countries — 5-7 working days.

For shipments by regular mail and EMS, you'll have to wait longer: in Russia and the CIS — 2-4 weeks, 1-2 weeks in Europe and 2-4 weeks when sending abroad.

Order receiving 

The courier service delivers the order directly to your address specified in the invoice. If you order to the company's address, any of its representatives can confirm the receipt of the parcel. If it is a private person, you will need to confirm the identity of the recipient. The phone number specified in your order may be used by the courier to confirm the delivery time.

For a parcel sent by regular mail, you'll need to go to the post office nearest to you. You need to provide a document confirming the identity of the recipient.