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Nesting doll 5 pcs "Stork with a boy"

SKU MZ0502vz-03
RUB 430.00
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Product specification details
Package length, cm 5.5
Package height, cm 10.5
Package width, сm 5.5
Package weight, kg 0.08
Brand Azhna
Quantity of dolls 5
    Quantity step - 1

    Nesting doll 5 pcs "Stork with a boy"

    RUB 430.00
    The 5 pcs nesting doll is painted as a family of Storks, carrying the baby boys. This is a bright souvenir that will be a great gift to anybody who loves birds and to the families with newborns. This nesting doll can also be used as a visual aid that will help the child to know more about nature.