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Dolls punch 5 seats braid with bow flowers

SKU MS0502bw-04
RUB 449.00
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Product specification details
Package length, cm 5.5
Package height, cm 10.5
Package width, сm 5.5
Package weight, kg 0.07
Brand Azhna
Quantity of dolls 5
    Quantity step - 1

    Dolls punch 5 seats braid with bow flowers

    RUB 449.00
    A wooden Matryoshka of five dolls, made in the technique of burning and hand-painted with acrylic paints.

    The crown is not made with gold paint, but by applying petal on glue. Attention: only the place where the petal is located is covered with acrylic varnish.

    A souvenir, not a toy. It is advisable to give children under the supervision of parents. It can be used as a visual aid for telling about Russian folk crafts, culture and history - and it will fit perfectly into the interior.

    There are five dolls in the set. All of them, except for a small one, open and put into each other. The height of the first doll is about 10.5 cm.

    Matryoshka dolls are made of wood, so it is not recommended to wash them. The wood swells when wet. If necessary, you can wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.

    Matryoshka dolls in sizes: 1 row – 10,5x5, 5 cm; 2 row – 8,5x4,4 cm; 3 row – 6,2x3 cm; 4 row – 4x2,2 cm; 5 row – 2,6x1,7 cm.

    Handmade work. The final painting and dimensions may differ slightly from those presented.