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Matryoshka 3 sets of 3 pcs 7 cm for DIY

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Product specification details
Package length, cm 11.1
Package height, cm 7
Package width, сm 3.7
Package weight, kg 0.2
Brand Ulanik
    • Lot 3 Sets of 3 pcs unpainted/unfinished/blank Nesting Dolls
    • No paint or varnish cover - it is up to you to finish the set
    • The largest doll is about 7 cm height
    • Easy start for DIY
    • Handmade in Russia of natural linden wood
    An unpainted matryoshka doll for DIY. Good for painting, pyrography, decoupage and other techniques. Made from natural linden wood.
    How to use. You can paint it with any color, pencils, markers, etc. It all depends on your imagination.

    Develops visual focusing, thinking, memory, sensory and fine motor skills, perseverance, diligence, attentiveness.

    The Russian dolls are made of wood, so it is not recommended to wash them under a jet of water: the wood swells when wet.

    Please note: the exact height and shape may vary slightly, as all our nesting dolls are handmade.

    For the Foreign market, the item is not certified for children. It can be used as a souvenir or a blank for adult artists. THE ITEM IS NOT A TOY.