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Wooden casket "Gzhel" 9x6 cm/souvenir

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RUB 248.00
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Product specification details
Package length, cm 9
Package height, cm 3.2
Package width, сm 6
Package weight, kg 0.08
Brand Azhna
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    Wooden casket "Gzhel" 9x6 cm/souvenir

    RUB 248.00
    • The "Gzhel" casket. One tier, one compartment.
    • Product dimensions: length 9 cm, width 6 cm, height 3.2 cm, department depth 2.5 cm.
    • The material of manufacture is natural wood.
    • Handmade by masters of their craft! Externally, the casket is painted black. The drawing is a high-quality polygraphy, on top of which artists apply paints with neat strokes to achieve the effect of the picture. It is covered with a protective varnish.

    The age of the first caskets in the world is more than several millennia. These amazing products always keep in themselves some mystery of the riddle. They are interesting to consider. Yes, and in our modern world, these pretty little things are in great demand among buyers.

    • The casket is made not only for beauty. It is useful for storing jewelry, costume jewelry, watches and other things.

    • A great option for a gift or as a pleasant surprise.

    • The casket is made of wood, so it is not recommended to wash it. It can be wiped with a damp cloth.

    • Souvenir products.